Helpful Forms

W9 Form
IRS W-9 Form

The IRS form W-9 is used to gather information about a person or entity’s tax identification information. The form requires information such as the person’s name, address, and social security or taxpayer identification number. Pages 2-4 on the attached W-9 give directions on how to fill it out. Questions about filling out the form should be sent to or 512.263.9212 x300

How to Read a Royalty Check
How to Read Royalty Checks

Questions about reading royalty checks should be addressed here including where to find the Owner ID, Check number, Check date as well as detailed check information including the production month,  volume received, gross amount received, taxes and deductions, and the net amount received. Further questions about reading royalty checks should be directed to the Revenue Department at or at 512.263.9212 x300

Address Change Form
Address Change Form

For anyone who wishes to change their address, please print the Address Change Form and fax it to 512.263.8241 to ATTN: Address Change or mail it to:

  • BBX Operating, LLC
  • ATTN: Address Change
  • 3698 RR 620 S, Suite 113
  • Austin, TX 78738

This form can also be saved and emailed to

Texas Intestate Succession Chart

In the event that a person dies without a will in the State of Texas, distribution of his or her property follows the Texas Intestate Succession chart.

Division Order

Division Orders are mailed to every royalty owner in a producing unit prior to first payment on that unit.  Division Orders must be properly executed and returned in order to receive payment on that specific producing unit.

We also require that, along with a Division Order, a royalty owner must return an IRS Form W-9 to verify his or her Tax Identification Number. 

For more information see the Division Order Page.

Request for Financial Information
Request for Financial Information

Under BBX's Privacy Policy, requests for financial information (such as account balances or payment history) must be in writing and signed by the interest owner or the owner's legal representative.