Frequently asked Questions

What are Royalties?

Royalties are the mineral owner’s proportionate share of production as reserved in an oil and gas lease.

I have a question about my royalty check. Who do I contact?

Revenue Department: (512)263-9212 x300 or or by mail:

  • BBX Operating, LLC
  • ATTN: Revenue Department
  • 3698 RR 620 S, Ste 113
  • Austin, TX 78738

How do I transfer my interest in a property?

Forward a recorded deed or instrument of conveyance to BBX Operating’s Division Order Department. For further information see the Ownership Changes page.

What happens if I change my address?

Please send changes to BBX Operating’s Division Order Department either in writing or by email to Include your name, owner ID, last 4 digits of Social Secuirty Number or Tax Identification Number, old address, new address and a contact phone number. Be sure to also sign and date the form. You can also fill out the Change of Address form located at the bottom of this page and send back to us via mail, email or fax to (512)263-8241

What happens when the interest owner of a property dies?

Once notified, the deceased owner’s revenue will be held in suspense until the proper heirs can be determined. Upon notifying BBX Operating’s Division Order Department, we will assist you with any required paperwork needed to properly transfer the interest to the correct heirs.

Where can I research unclaimed funds?

Each state makes an effort to locate rightful owners of production revenues through a single organization, holding funds until the owner is found. To locate and collect unclaimed funds, please visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ (NAUPA) website at: http://www.unclaimed/org. You can also visit the State of Texas Unclaimed Property Division's website at You can also contact the Revenue Department if you believe you have old royalties that may have been deemed unclaimed property.

What type of annual statements will I receive?

Royalty interest owners receiving more than $10, and working interest owners receiving more than $600 annually receive IRS Form 1099. This summarizes total payments and state tax withholdings for the previous year.

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