IRS Form 1099

Royalty interest owners receiving more than $10, and working interest owners receiving more than $600 annually receive an IRS Form 1099.  This summarizes total payments and tax withholding for the previous year.

If you received a separate check from BBX Operating in the past year for interest payments, and your total interest payments for the year were more than $10, you will receive a separate 1099 called a 1099 INT for interest income. See below for a sample 1099 INT. If you received a check with an attached memo similar to this memo, you received an interest payment.

1099's are sent out every year by January 31st.  Any questions regarding 1099s should be directed to Brandy Henry at (512) 263-9212 x100 or at or in writing to:

BBX Operating
Attn: Brandy Henry
3698 RR 620 S.Ste 113
Austin, TX 78738

What is a B-notice?

Every year the IRS compares the information you provided them with the information we provided them when reporting your income.  If the IRS finds a discrepancy, they will require BBX Operating to contact you in order to resolve the error,.  IRS records are confidential; therefore, the IRS cannot inform BBX Operating as to what specific discrepancy they found.

Upon notification of a discrepancy, BBX operating will send you an IRS Form W-9 to fill out and return to us.  Typically there may be a misspelled name, inverted number, name changes that were not reported either to us or the IRS, or the use of an individual's Social Security Number instead of an Employer Tax Identification number.  (typically in the instance of a trust).

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